B 52


The B-52 Cocktail might come in a shot glass, but don't let this college looking drink fool you; it's delicious and a balanced drink that  is perfect for the end of the day. It has the flavors of coffee  liqueur, cream liqueur, and orange liqueur that is mild in strength but pleasure to drink.



Bailey's Irish Cream

Grand Marnier

– Measure and add Kahlua to a shot glass.


— Measure the Bailey's Irish Cream into spoon and slowly pour down the inside of the glass.


— Do the same with the Grand Marnier. 


So odds are you've seen some viral video with a cocktail on fire, perhaps it was a flaming B-52. One thing that is not obvious is that you need heat treated glassware to avoid accidents as well as a metal straw to sip such a drink. This flaming effect is done by adding a layer of overproof rum on top. For the sake of safety, leave this to the professionals.

Warning Aboout Flaming Cocktails

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