Ribeye is a delicious cut of beef. Best of all it doesn't take much  cooking time at all. With temperatures set to rise, odds are you want something that can be ready in no time. Even though this cut doesn't take much time, it still yields a delicious meal.

Best Ribeye Recipe

Olive Oil



Ribeye Steak


Buy a good quality steak.

Choose to either season your steak well or marinate it in herbs and spices. 

Pour into the prepared loaf pan and bake for 45-55 minutes.

Choose to grill, pan fry, or broil your steak. Sous Vide is also an option.

– For a Blue Rare or Very Rare Steak cook to 115 degrees – For a Rare Steak cook to 120 degrees – For a Medium Rare Steak cook to 130 degrees – For a Medium Steak cook to 140 degrees – For a Medium Well Steak cook to 150 degrees – For a Well Done Steak cook to 160 degrees

Serve with your favorite wine!

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