Nuts & Berries Cocktail

- How to Make a -  

Looking for the perfect evening dessert drink? You will love this Nuts and Berries Cocktail! Just 3 ingredients & the perfect balance of nuttiness & sweet berries - enjoy!


Hazelnut Liqueur (eg. Frangelico)

Raspberry Liqueur (eg. Chambord)

Half and half (Or Bailey's)

Top Tip

If you are dairy free switch half & half for almond or oat milk or Bailey's Almande

Measure out the Liqueurs and pour into a glass. To make your drink colder, shake with ice or add the ice at the end.



Add half and half (or non dairy milk or Bailey’s Almande)

Stir with a spoon to combine & garnish with fruit (totally optional). Sip & enjoy!

No Frangelico? Use Ameretto! No Chambord? Use Creme de Cassis! Swap half & half with Bailey's, heavy cream or regular milk. 



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